Soul Aligned Purpose for Creators, Changemakers and Solopreneurs

Making the impact and income you were born to create with your unique gifts, message and purpose!

Elysia Headsot

There is no handbook or magic 4 step formula that can tell you exactly what steps to take to fulfill your unique soul’s purpose that will create the impact and income you were born for.

The good news is this: you have your own unique soul’s blueprint within you that you can tune into and follow one step at a time through your intuition.

By consistently aligning with your higher self and setting the energy for your purposeful work or business with your psychic tools, you will short cut your way to success and save so much time, energy and money.

You already know this, but it doesn’t make it easier to stay your course when life throws a curveball at you or when it is time to get out of your comfort zone.

I remember when I first got really committed to my purpose work and I was at a conference and the speaker said you should be charging a bare minimum of $100 for your hourly “service”. My jaw drop and eyes got wide and I got a little nervous.

I knew I had massive value to bring, but when I was talking to people about how I could support them, and the time would come to about talking about pricing, my whole body would clench up, my heart heart sped up and I felt like I was breaking a sweat… even the tone of my voice shifted when it was time to ask for payment.

Oye vey, this did not instill confidence. During that time I got a lot of responses like, “ sounds great, but that is way too expensive”, “ I will get back to you, I need to think about it” ( only to never hear back again. ). One time I was even shamed for asking to be paid at all for my “ spiritual gifts”!

It sounded great to be able to be paid well for my services, but my inner self and nervous system clearly were not on board, even though my mind was. The problem is if we do not get out inner game aligned with our outer game, we won’t be able to fulfill our life purpose. You can’t help others on a large scale if you are struggling to pay the bills and have to spend most of your time and energy in a J- O-B.

Imagine a world where wealth and power are in the hands of the heart centered purpose driven people. What a different world it will be. It is part of our path to work through these types of limitations.

Now I am charging more than 4 times that ($400/hr) for my services and helping more people than ever who extend gratitude to me all the time for showing up and doing the work I do.

Being dropped off on planet Earth to fulfill a purpose without a handbook and a case of amnesia can be overwhelming and frustrating…

Trust me, I spent many years (and have invested over $60K) trying to learn and implement these “proven formulas” myself which only ever left me feeling increasingly frustrated and disappointed.

My bank account took a hit with credit card debt racking up.

I could see (and feel) the lack of faith my friends had over time as I would share my next inspired idea that I just knew would work this time!

It really took the wind out of my sails each time I got super excited with a new download, only to launch to crickets after weeks of planning!

Work For Everyone

On the inside, my confidence was taking a major hit and that passionate purpose driven fire inside of me was beginning to dwindle.

I mean, I knew I was never truly going to “quit my purpose”…. How could I? I had come too far in my awakening at that point to pretend that inner voice calling wasn’t there.

You can’t “un-know” what you know!

I knew I was meant for bigger things that would help humanity at large and I was determined to find a way.

I know that your soul is lighting a fire within you, so that you remember and don’t give up on what you came here to do.

That voice will only get louder and more urgent over time.

But honoring that inner fire, that deep calling which drives your passion, doesn’t mean that you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to gurus that are promising you the holy grail only to leave you spinning your wheels more confused and frustrated then ever yielding little or no results. .

Leading humanity through a collective awakening to create massive change and healing with your gifts and message is not something you are going to learn at college or over dinner with your family…

Living fully aligned with your soul’s purpose can feel lonely and isolating at times, which is dangerous territory because this gives too much time and space for your ego to run a muck, undermining your divinely inspired ideas and plans.

Staying plugged into trusted communities, peers and mentors who can see who you truly are as a spirit is a game changer.

Having this consistent reflection of your greatness and believing in what you are here to do is invaluable… and I may even venture to say, essential!

Choosing to live and embody your soul’s purpose will likely be the deepest spiritual growth you will experience and it will force you to continue to evolve through many layers of fear, self doubt, worthiness… all of which will surely show up at some point and time.

Most often these big spiritual growth cycles rear up right before a big breakthrough or uplevel. As I like to say, “Don’t let the fear-based energy win!”

The beauty is you can learn extremely powerful tools that can be used and applied to guide you in building a financially sustainable and fulfilling soul aligned business.

This is why I created Soul Aligned Purpose for Creators, Changemakers and Solopreneurs: Making the impact and income you were born to create with your unique gifts, message and purpose!

Whether you are still unclear on your purpose or already in working in your business, this transformational group will support you in creating deeper clairity, alignment and momentum in your biz!

This Purpose Driven Group is for you if any of these resonate with you….

You feel an inner calling to be of service in the world
You are unclear on where to start to leverage your intuition and gifts to make a comfortable living
You want start a spiritually driven business… or you are working in your biz and you aren’t gaining the traction you want
You want to expand into your next level of income, visibility and impact

This Purpose Driven Group is NOT for you if…

You don’t want to share your experience, gifts, insights and encouragement to others
You’ve got everything figured out and never face challenges
You want one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter advice
If you are not committed to fulfilling your soul’s purpose this lifetime

You will apply the foundational Soul Success Unleashed tools you have learned to consciously create and build momentum for your soul’s purpose.


Transform Your Blocks and Limitations as You Expand

Living your purpose is the most fulfilling and abundant way to experience life.
That being said it isn’t for the faint of heart! Your vision and dreams will continue to stretch you to move through your comfort zone which inevitably will trigger all kinds of fears and doubts such as: lack of clarity, worthiness around charging for your gifts, fear, visibility fears, judgement, fear of being overwhelmed..the list goes on and on!

If these fears are left unaddressed will keep you spinning your wheels for months
(sometimes years) at a time! Together, we will bust through these fears and blocks as they arise so that you can share your transformational gifts and messages to those you are meant to serve.


Increase Your Visibility, Get Into Action and Build Momentum

Transforming resistance and visibility is an essential aspect in creating sustainable cashflow to sustain your vision as you make a profound change in the world. This will allow you to get into aligned and inspired action.

You will also be able to practice within a safe, non-judgemental container each month. You will also be leveraging the group by supporting one another in launching your gifts into the world.


Collective Container of Community Support and Mastermind Ideas

Being a part of a high vibe, conscious minded community is priceless and essential. Building relationships and developing amazing collaborations through a network of spiritually driven entrepreneurs will help you gain traction, stay accountable, motivated and focused. You will be able to clarify and expand your ideas through the magical container of the group mind. This reflection and feedback is powerful and alchemical! Ongoing support is priceless.

They say you are the sum of the 5 people you are around most… so choose consciously and wisely!


Mastering Your Psychic Gifts and Conscious Creation

Mastery comes with time and practice. You will be utilizing the foundational tools you learned throughout Soul Success Unleashed to consciously create your life and purpose in your physical reality.

You will have continued access to the transformational container with hosted practice sessions available so that you can consistently practice the tools and work through your own blocks through giving and receiving healings on each area of your business.

Simultaneously, you will be continuing your mastery journey with your psychic tools and gifts you have learned throughout our time together.

Whether or not you are already working in your soul’s purpose, this program will support you to align and expand into the next level of success!


During our time together you will…

Clear obstacles and blocks faster as you work on your spiritually driven business, even if you haven’t started one yet. This will fast track your success by eliminating things such as: procrastination, visibility challenges and not charging enough for your gifts and much more!

Gain clarity on your big vision and stay aligned as shifts occur in the world. As we grow spiritually often our purpose and business grows and shifts too. We must consciously allow this to occur in order to create success in a way that feels good to you and supports the collective at large.
Build your confidence and certainty in your gifts, so that you can receive abundantly for your services and create financial freedom.

Build momentum and shift into your highest and best timeline. We are in an exciting time of rapid manifestation. Staying focused forward and having support and accountability can support rapid growth.
Get support of a community, build relationships and develop amazing collaborations through a network of spiritually driven entrepreneurs. Tapping into the collective consciousness can allow quantum shifts.
Continue to master your clairvoyant reading skills, intuitive and healing abilities. This will allow you to guide yourself and others more powerfully to create life and biz success, happiness and fulfillment.
Increase your confidence and clarity in your unique gifts and message that you are called to share in the world.
Clean up unconscious, codependent healing agreements that often hinder highly sensitive and empathic people in personal life and business. If these are not released you will find yourself energetically drained and holding yourself back from creating at the next level.

Receive high level alignment activations that will awaken your spiritual gifts to the next level which will unlock spiritual knowledge in a way that you can access them in your day to day life and work. This allows you to tap into your divine souls blueprint for yourself and others so that you can break free of deeply rooted programing, soul contracts, unconscious healing agreements and karmic ancestral patterns that you as a soul came to clear for yourself which will also support your family in releasing these cycles as well through your personal healing work.
Increase and maintain your energetic boundaries and have more conscious awareness of when you are “healing”, versus reading. As you grow and expand your business this is crucial so that you do not feel burnt out or unconsciously have the foot on the pedal and the brake in regards to attracting clients and growing your business.

Jennifer was fast paced, covered a tremendous amount of ground, was absolutely accurate about all that she shared with me.

” I recently had an aura reading with Jennifer Gilchrist. As a psychic intuitive, healer, and Akashic reader myself, I loved this session with her! Jennifer was fast paced, covered a tremendous amount of ground, was absolutely accurate about all that she shared with me. One particular message that she shared with me was particularly precise and powerfully communicated through her choice of words. To paraphrase, Jennifer stated that I normalize the focus on spirituality as a ‘normal,’ every day approach to and perception of life. …. which is unequivocally accurate. Jennifer also set the space by broadcasting energies.

Given my own sensitivity, I could immediately feel these Divine, uplifting energies at the very start of our session which brought a sacred quality to our session container. I would recommend this reading with Jennifer for anyone who is in transition, is just learning about their personal / spiritual growth experiences, and someone who is ready to better understand the current components of their life. It is very valuable to have someone articulate our life experience so that we can have greater confidence and clarity as we emerge on our path. “

Sasha Sabbeth

Business Success Intuitive, Healer, Soul Purpose , Entrepreneur Soul Coach

Are you ready to claim your destiny and live your soul’s purpose at its highest potential?


As a spiritual teacher and mentor for 11 years, I have had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of people in awakening their spiritual gifts, cultivating their intuition, moving through fears and aligning with their soul’s calling.

It’s so exciting to watch my clients step into their leadership and purpose and to see the ripple effect that has in the collective at large by sharing their gifts, while also creating their life and business on their terms, experiencing new levels of joy, abundance and freedom.

Though I created a successful 6 figure business being self employed since my 20’s I found the purpose driven online space to be a tremendous learning curve both spiritually and mentally.

I have spent many years and over $80,000 investing in business programs, marketing plans, coaches. This is not including the well over $40,000 in my spiritual growth and certifications. I want to shortcut that time and expense for you.

While I believe that there is a level of investment and learning curve required in the logistics with how to set up a viable and sustainable business, I can see where I spent a lot of time and money spinning my wheels and investing in people and programs that weren’t aligned for me. Giving my seniority away to coaches and mentors that seemed to know more.

My first investment into the rabbit hole of searching my right niche cost me $10K and while I did learn some things, my biggest learning was taking my power back and to trust myself and intuition above anyone else. My mentor could not really see me and my gifts and kept steering me in a different direction then I was feeling called.

The most valuable lesson I learned from this experience was stepping into my own certainty. It led me to get to the core of why I took action on her advice even though it never felt right, and overrode my intuitive knowing with her advice, because she was a successful coach.

I had many divine downloads that I didn’t trust early on in biz, only to see high level influencers having massive success enrolling in the basic concepts I was guided to do. I didn’t take action because I heard over and over from coaches “transformation doesn’t sell on its own”, “you have to a be big time name to sell spirituality”, and “your offer has to be super concrete or people won’t get it.”

The problem is, as a spiritual entrepreneur, my messaging wasn’t fully aligned with that style of marketing so it didn’t work for me even though it was good copywriting.

Using the spiritual tools you learned throughout the Soul Success Unleashed programs and consciously working and setting the energy of my business, coupled with staying connected in high vibrational and motivated groups, is how I continue to grow and build my success doing exactly what my soul came to do!

I invite you to do the same to claim your destiny and live your soul’s purpose at its highest potential!

I have grown exponentially in my energetic healing and clairvoyant abilities but the biggest thing Jen has helped me with is releasing all my old patterns, ansestial patterns…

“I was searching for a mentor and teaching for my spiritual gifts as well as a business mentor. I thought I may have to find two mentors, one to teach healing and clarivoant skills and one to teach me about business.

Jen is both of these! She has helped me understand my unique spiritual gifts and to hone and expand them. She has taught me how to know the difference between my energy and if I have taken on someone else’s energy. This was HUGE for me as I was unaware I was doing this but it was impacting me deeply in my everyday life.

I started off with the Soul Success Circle, and found it empowering and educational, I then joined the Soul Success Unleashed training program and worked with Jen one on one coaching. She is amazing at every level and I continue to learn from her with each encounter that I have in all the programs and coaching I am doing with her.

She continues to help clear this and my skills grow each time. It is different from any other teacher I have worked with in the spiritual realm. Jen is the real deal, I and many others I know have been deeply wounded by teachers in this demographic, Jen empowers you, lifts you up, reflects your own brilliance to you and is always your biggest fan. “

Having a big mission and vision often triggers fear that can turn into procrastination.

How many procrastinators do we have in this room?

This happens often When we are forging new paths into the unknown. we have to continually work new levels of insecurity and when stretching our comfort zone. Sharing more visibly and authentically can feel intense.. This is natural, but the problem arises when decide to play it small.. when you play it small your clients can NOT find you and you won’t be able to create the impact that I know your soul desire…Bottom line is It is essential to get more comfortable and feel safe with being seen and visible so you don’t allow those fears to stop you.

Lorie Avery

Throughout the Soul Aligned Purpose program you will …


Consciously set the energy of your soul’s work. There will be monthly themes such as: your ideal client, messaging, branding, marketing, aligned offers that sell and much more. You will use your tools to set the energy in each area and clear out things that are blocking your ability to be in the highest alignment.

Create a clear vision and framework energetically that will support that physical manifestation of your purpose driven work. Whether you want to be an author, motivational speaker, coash, healer, intuitive or something else this will create the space and momentum for it to grow and expand in an aligned way. This will make it so much easier, fun and successful!

Get visible so that you can be seen, heard and attract clients who are happy to pay you well for your services.

This is how it will look…

One monthly 2 hour live workshop with deeper training, live activations and guided experiences

We will have live monthly classes on zoom where we dive deeper into each area of business. I will be leading live clearing activations and attunements that correlate with each lesson and expedite your growth with more ease and grace. You will get a recording of each call. There will be additional Q+A time.

You will be setting the energy of your business or creative project in each area through guided journeys and by exchanging readings, clearings on these topics for deeper insights, clearing work and next steps to integrate this work.

Monthly Facebook Live Visibility Video

Each month you will be invited to do a Facebook live spotlight video in the private Facebook Group to get feedback and support (everyone can do 1 per month). You will get practice at sharing your message, gifts, making your offers and get good and comfortable in front of the camera. The other cool aspect is everyone will get to know what each other has to offer and can make for collaborative opportunities.

3 weekly hosted zoom practice sessions each week

You will have continued access to additional practice sessions that will be hosted by my team member on zoom. They will be a space for you to simply show up and be paired up with a partner to practice the weekly reading and healing assignments.

I will be available to answer your questions

If you can’t make it live you can send them in ahead of time!

Work energy with partners from the program

The practice time is where rubber meets the road. This is where you get to use your tools to exchange readings and healings on each topic. It is always easier to read another person. The transformation is so magical and as a side bonus you will continue to hone your psychic skills.

Workbook with alignment activities to fully integrate the monthly theme

These workbook and alignment activities support you in integrating the content, as well as, guided clearings and activations to support deeper clearing and intuitive awakening.

Alignment Activations to experience deep healing

Each month you will receive deep healing through these alignment activations and journeys to awaken your next level of awareness at a soul level and clearing away stagnant energy so you don’t get stuck in old patterns. They will wake up dormant spiritual abilities and ancient wisdom allowing you to anchor into the 5D and above frequencies.

How to apply and use your spiritual tools in your spiritually driven business

You will be learning how to work with simple yet powerful spiritual tools that will allow for more ease and accuracy. Receiving these attunements will allow you to have more ownership and certainty while using them.

All Live classes will be recorded

Processes and Clear Protocols to Accelerate Results

You will also learn many processes and clear protocols allowing you to use all these tools together to create powerful transformation in your own life, as well as, for clients if you choose.

Featured Practitioner Spotlight to Jen’s Community This is an Ah-mazing opportunity to be Seen and Heard sharing your gifts with the world!! There is currently a combined total of about 40,000 people (and growing rapidly) between Jen’s email list and Soul Inspired Leaders Facebook Community. As a part of the Soul Aligned Purpose driven group you will have the opportunity to be featured to her community sharing about you and your business and offering a free gift as a way to build your list and also share your website and social media channels.
Networking and Mastermind and Biz Building Opportunities 

You will be able to share ideas, receive feedback from your peers and as you are building your vision. This will give you support and momentum to get visible and in motion. Community support is invaluable as you step out and share your gifts.  You will likely even create referral partners and so much more magic is born within the soul aligned collective energy field.  

Here’s some of the topics we will be looking throughout the  Soul Aligned Purpose program…

Clarity of Vision For Your Purpose Driven Business Foundation

Calling in Your Soul Aligned Clients

Embody Your Message

Visibility and Vulnerability when sharing your truth, gifts and story

Your Core Message and Branding Essence

Aligned Offers and Pricing

All along the way we will raise your ability to receive more in an aligned way and clear out the fears, doubts, competition energy, programming, past lives ect that are affecting your path so that you can reset each of the areas in the way that works best for you.

If you do not yet have a business or still creating in this will be an amazing support to clear the path and make way for you to birth your business into the world.

Everyone who enrolls will receive the following bonuses valued at $2,845

BONUS #1: Akashic records and spiritual council to set the for your business in highest timeline (Value $197)

Video training, workbook, and alignment activation

BONUS #2: 6 months access to Jen’s Monthly Workshop Series (Annual value $342)

With this bonus, you’re getting exclusive access to my monthly Workshop materials (based on a different theme each month and valued at $197 each month) to support you in creating and receiving your desires and goals in life and business with workbook and alignment activities to support you further.

On the first Tuesday of each month you get instant access to the special video teaching, workbook and meditation for our monthly workshop so you can jump into the materials right away.

On the third Tuesday of each month, there will be a LIVE aura reading on the current Collective group energy to support you in aligning to your highest potential and create the life and biz your dream of.

You will also receive a transformational clearing and activation on the fears, limiting beliefs, patterns and karma that may be blocking your ability to receive, including energy healing, alignment activations, channeled messages and more.

If you can’t make it live, you can submit questions ahead of time and the replay for live call will be available. The readings and clearings are timeless and always include those who are live and on replay.

BONUS #3: When you enroll in the annual plan, you also receive a VIP Alumni Pass (Value $1,164)

Perhaps you had great intentions and life got in the way or maybe you just want to gain more mastery with the Soul Success Unleashed tools you learned as a member of my course…. When you join this soul aligned purpose program, you can join in any live rounds of the previous Soul Success Unleashed courses you have enrolled in {Soul Success Unleashed or Soul Success Unleashed Mastery Certification} to experience a new container of transformation and mastery.

Stepping fully into your purpose can feel overwhelming, lonely and isolating at times…

I know the pain and emptiness I felt from not getting my gifts out in the world. Initially it was my fears keeping me hidden and small, but once I decided that my desires were bigger than my fears I took the leap, I still spent many years trying to figure it all out without the encouragement or support of my family or friends. They just didn’t get it or have faith in my vision or what I saw was possible for me.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone!

There is something very healing and magical you stay plugged in with a like-minded community who is holding that vision with you, cheering you on and celebrating your successes as you own. This lifts you up when you are feeling down.

The journey of a messenger will most certainly have its ups and downs and staying connected and allowing yourself to receive this support is such an important key to staying the course. Being in the company of teachers, mentors and peers gives you constant reminder and reflection of your greatness and how very capable you truly are!

You’ve got amazing gifts to share and I know you are feeling the alarm clock going off within you calling you to rise up

The time is now!

The world needs you to step up more than ever before. The beautiful gift of aligning with your purpose is work is that as you express your gifts and show up in service to others, it is a natural byproduct much more joy, freedom, fulfillment and financial success. 

It’s  a win win… isn’t that exciting to know. It’s truly a gift, life is too short to waste time and energy on things that don’t light you up inside. 

Don’t let the egos fear and mind chatter win. 

All of your hopes and dreams are on the other side of your fears.

Remember: Don’t give up right before your Miracle occurs!

You have your own soul’s blueprint within you just waiting for you to follow the yellow brick road God/Universe has laid out just for you. 

You’ve got this!

Ready to join the Soul Aligned Purpose program?

Enroll Today and Claim Your Bonuses!

Soul Aligned Purpose for Creators, Changemakers and Solopreneurs

BONUS#1 Akashic records and spiritual council to set the for your business in highest timeline(Value $197)

BONUS#2 6 months access to Jen’s Monthly Workshop Series (Annual Value $684)

BONUS #3 Annual Plan Bonus: VIP Alumni Pass (Value $1,164)


$ 1,997

(Save $185) Annual billing


$ 247

6-month commitment, billed monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a business yet, will this still work for me?

Absolutely, this will be a perfect way for you to gain a solid foundation, clarity on your vision and momentum to birth your creatie project or purpose into reality!

I don’t feel confident yet in my intuition and the tools I learned in Soul Success Unleashed tools; Will this still be beneficial for me?

Absolutely, feeling confident in your intuitive gifts takes consistent practice and we will be continuing to use all of these tools throughout our time in this purpose driven group. As with all my programs, personal transformation and expansion are a core component of what you will be experiencing.

You will also gain access to a VIP Alumni Annual Pass that will allow you to retake any of the previous Soul Success Unleashed Levels that you have taken to gain even deeper mastery in your psychic skills and personal growth.

I am not sure what my purpose is yet, will this be good for me?

Absolutely! The Soul Aligned Business program is designed to support you in gaining clarity and aligning you to your life purpose and is a powerful opportunity to set the energy to your highest timeline and potential.

You will have the space to clear out the fears and blocks that are keeping you from your clarity and ability to take action.

Each monthly theme we will focus on an area of business and continue to work through your own fears, blocks and limitations to aligning to your highest path so that you can master the art of conscious creation. You will also continue your own spiritual growth and honing your psychic skills because you will be exchanging readings and clearings with your peers.

I am already doing my purpose work, will this program still help me?

Absolutely! This program will meet you where you are at in your entrepreneurial journey and support you in elevating your business to the next level.

You will also continue your own spiritual growth and honing your psychic skills because you will be exchanging readings and clearings with your peers on the fears and blocks that are inhibiting your growth.

How much time will this require?

One monthly live 2 hour workshop. I know you have to get busy doing your soul’s work, so I have set it up this way so you have more flexibility of time. In total 2-4 hours spread out throughout the month as time allows in your schedule.

I do highly suggest you participate in practicing the weekly activity with a partner to deepen your skills and fully integrate the learning.

How long practice sessions are up to you, usually 30 – 60 min. Some people love this aspect and gain a lot of value and choose to spend a little more time in this space.

I have added 3 additional optional weekly zoom calls to make this easy to coordinate practice partner time.

What if I can't make it to all the calls live?

All of the calls will be recorded so you can listen at another time. We also have a private facebook where you can ask questions to get further support between calls and connect with community members.

I have a lot going on right, can I wait until a later time?

It is easy to let life get in the way of us doing what we actually want to do. It is up to us to choose to prioritize time for our goals and dreams or they won’t happen.

This is often where patterns, fear and resistance can sneak in and run the show, keeping us stuck in the limiting same cycles year to year.

If you feel a calling here and now, I would invite you to lean in and take the leap. I do not know when I will be scheduling this program next and can’t guarantee this price when I do.

I want to take this program, but I am not sure my partner will be on board financially or otherwise.

If you feel it is necessary for your partner to be on board financially or otherwise, my suggestion is to sit with why you are excited to take this program and how you feel it will benefit you. Write it out so you are really clear.

Then when you begin the conversation, you can ask them if they would support you in this and share why it is important to you sharing how you feel it will support you.

I find when you come from this open honest space of asking to be supported versus going into it afraid they will resist the financial commitment and just not “get it”, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by their response.

I still have questions, can I talk with you?

Yes, I would be happy to answer any questions and see if this program is a fit for you. There are 2 options.

  1. You can email me any questions at
  2. You can book a 15 min chat here
How will I know that I'm making progress as I advance in the program?

You will know you are making progress because you will start to see your big vision be born into reality. You will be taking action towards your purposeful work in the world in a way that feels aligned. You will be standing more confident in your gifts and message and attracting clients. You will most certainly be raising your rates as we work the energy of receiving for your services.

What happens at the end of my 6-month commitment period?
If you are on a monthly payment plan, at the end of your 6-month commitment period your membership will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis.

If you are on an annual plan, you will receive an email 2 months and 1 month prior to your renewal date. You will have the option to continue with the annual plan or convert your membership to the monthly plan.

If you wish to discontinue your membership at the end of the 6 months, simply submit the cancellation request form or email at least 5 business days prior to your next payment date.

Love From Our Clients

I can see how I blossomed and have grown more confident as I near completion of the Soul Success Unleashed Mastery Level 2.

Looking back I can see how much I have grown and learned since the beginning of the program. I also can see how all the other people in the group had grown into their confidence too. We were all so nervous in the beginning.

During the Soul Success Unleashed level one program, I was excited and fun learning a lot of tools, earn new skills and techniques. It gave me more confidence as a coach to have a big bag of skills to tap into and help clients even more. I just love how the aura readings shift the energy for both people in real time.That is so powerful in itself!

It has really helped me heal personally, which is the most awesome thing!!

The level 2 Soul Success Unleashed Mastery in some ways felt more subtle in that there is not as much to learn, yet I did a lot of my personal healing, processing and integrating during this second round.

Continuing to have a group to practice with allowed me to step more into power and connection with spirit. This showed me where my own shadows were, which then gave me space to heal and created a big transformation within me .

I feel so different taking both levels of the course together as it really allowed me to own my gifts more fully and held space for my personal healing and transformation.

Crystal Lynn

Level 1 of the Soul Success Unleashed program for me was exciting, learning about the foundational tools and aura readings, the most difficult thing for me in the beginning was remembering to protect myself. In the first part I was not using all of my tools consistently, I often forgot the crystalline silhouette.

The second part is where my confidence took hold, and I felt the clearing blocks, self sabotage, past life, genetic programming. When we did the class, looking at how well we were running our tools was a turning point for me. Also rewatching the energetic mastery class.

Things now come naturally to me, I do not have to think so hard to make sure everything is running. I think you would say that my higher self has started to take care of things.

What I noticed was that all of our confidence was raised when read in a line together for an aura reading for the other class. We all showed up as powerful and certain on that call. It lifted everyone up.

The last few weeks my powers are expanding and I am now integrating many things I have known for years but have not been able to do, a consistent morning routine (Daily Devotion to Me), drinking lots of water, eating well, writing consistently. One masters any craft with practice, the more I practice and use the techniques with my clients the more I am integrating the training. There is always a next level!

The Divine Communication tool is AMAZING! Norma cleared a deep block today in a practice session, it was a huge release around not speaking my full truth. I think I need to come out of the spiritual closet fully, I may only be half way out the door right now. lol. I think this tool is the master tool for certain and I have just used it twice so far! I can see how it will help me create my content moving forward.

I am so grateful to have found you and to be a part of your programs and mentorship has worked together so beautifully. I am beginning to see how I will be able to help my soul tribe with this work. I am now offering aura readings in my business and my clients are loving them!!

Getting close with the group really helps lift my confidence as well, we all support each other and share how we witness the other growing. The comradery was a big piece for me. Feeling like I finally found my tribe.

I would highly recommend continuing though both levels of Soul Success Unleashed Mastery Certification.

Lorie Avery

“Jen is a heart centred, compassionate intuitive mentor. With her beautiful intuition and authentic presence, she is able hold space for her clients to heal, develop and expand their gifts.

I was feeling inadequate and overwhelmed midway through the first level of the Soul Success Unleashed program and I even thought about quitting, but I hung in there and I am so glad I did!!

Personally, Jen has held space for me in the Soul Success Unleashed Level 1 and 2 programs to push through my doubts, shift into a greater conscious awareness while understanding and developing my gifts.

Now I have unlocked my intuitive gifts and have received so much validation in my practice sessions and now feel confident in my readings. It’s so exciting and empowering!!

I am certain, working with Jen and her Soul Success Unleashed Mastery Certification program your experience will be just as transformational!

Norma Jean McRobbie

One day I was scrolling on Facebook and saw Jen giving an Angel Card reading.
It felt like she was speaking directly to me so I decided to contact her.
I instantly decided to join her Soul Success Unleashed program.

I have been meditating every day for about four years.
I would say my spiritual practice is really strong. The things I have learned in Jens classes have taken my meditation practice to the next level.

I now have tools that are very easy to access every time I go into meditation. I feel more connected to my higher self and spirit when I use the tools that I have acquired in Jens classes.

I have gotten so much value that I decided to register for the Soul Success Unleashed Mastery level 2.

I highly recommend Jens classes and she’s also an awesome coach!

Elizabeth Bridges

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