Most business owners are stuck in wanting growth in their business but not getting enough leads and clients to create more profits. They are also juggling too many roles and tasks and feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. We have a simple 8-weeks system that can not only create effortless growth, but also meet target results, and give you personal freedom.

How To Write A Vision Statement?

11 years back, Daniel walked into Ahana’s metaphysics and purpose workshop and immediately connected on a common vision. After the workshop weekend ended, he shared his vision with her about bringing clean energy and water to parts of the world that did not have the resources, and could not afford it. He had been working on his science experiments for years. She wanted to help transform the lives of families, especially those in financial struggle and who needed help. Both wanted to build their dream community projects but wanted their own business to support the projects financially. They decided to write a vision statement together for a business, and out of it came the Sci-Meta Project, a company that gave both of them a chance to build towards realising their vision.

Their purpose was simple.

They wanted to bring together a community of entrepreneurs interested in growing their income, building wealth, doing something they love. The community would be exposed to high-growth business and marketing structures, as well as investment opportunities to grow their own finances, and also support or sponsor projects and people who needed help.

The Vision Statement

Rosabeth Moss Katter has a fantastic description of what vision is: “A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” Keeping that in mind, these are the 7 principles Ahana and Daniel wrote in their vision statement.

Our Vision

  • Self-empowerment and empowering others – Create an environment, create programs and opportunities for self-empowerment and the empowerment of the members involved with the company
  • Collaboration and Shared Wisdom – Grow and create wealth through the power of people, connections and community. Everyone wins.
  • Integrity: Offer the highest value, and make it available to as many people as possible, not just a select few. Be aligned, authentic, and purposeful in our offers.
  • Freedom: Use tried and tested active and passive income systems that create wealth, provide lifestyle choices, and simultaneously help fulfil a greater purpose. Make these income streams available to as many people as possible.
  • Prosperity without Sacrifice: Avoid burnout, stress, and missing out on the now in the path to building purpose and prosperity. Focus on mindset and mindfulness as much as focus on leveraged strategies.
  • Leadership and Collective Purpose: Lead yourself to create and live your best life. Lead others to do the same.
  • One World: Harmony with nature and the planet, alignment to service and helping in creating a better world.


Ahana Lara Losita

Marketing Mentor, Results Coach, and Small Business Strategist, Ahana’s mission is to help entrepreneurs who are tired of wasting their time and resources, find freedom and financial empowerment by helping them structure their businesses to grow consistently, serve more clients and bring in the desired financial results.

Ahana has worked in marketing for over 20 years and has helped many CEOs and founders plan and implement growth strategies. Her first business was a distribution and retail business that allowed her to work with businesses like retail chains spanning over 100 stores across a city, or source promotional marketing and packaging for companies like The Body Shop, Panasonic and Autodesk. However, her dream was to serve and empower other entrepreneurs and ultimately build a community of empowered business owners. She left her first company and with Daniel, she started an online business in 2013 that could reach a global online audience. The first website and offer made a 150% return on their investment within 30 days. Over the years, that business has transformed into a coaching and consulting business, with an arm that takes on market amplification projects for small businesses, service-based businesses and solopreneurs.


Daniel Nilon

Daniel is an online business mentor and a sales coach. He has spent the last 7 years working with teams on finding the best sales, customer service and customer retention strategies. He has also spent time managing sales teams. He also manages launch projects for the business as well as for our clients. Daniel is passionate about building funnels, building automated products, or launching automated campaigns that allow the business, and our clients, to quickly add additional income streams and grow their revenues.

Daniel also spends time with several groups and mentors who are in investment circles and brings investment opportunities to our clients. In his spare time, he spends researching his science projects and sharing his insights through videos and forums, gathering feedback so he can move closer to his vision.