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24 hours, 365 days, drive targeted traffic to your website – looking for leads that convert?

Marketing is the greatest return-on-investment activity any business can ever do! How can you make sure you get the best ROI on your marketing even though you don’t have your own marketing team creating campaigns for you? From strategic planning, to content creation, to content distribution…

How To Get More Clients, Month-After-Month, With Less Time and Effort?

(Accelerate Your Business, Get Clients Who Convert With Done-For-You Marketing & Your Rise Team)

Would you like to know the #1 Method of getting clients who convert? Most businesses spend a lot of time and effort trying to figure out how to get more clients. With a tried, tested and proven system, we help businesses find the best types of leads that ensure high client conversion – ones that are looking for exactly what you are offering, and they get into your funnel knowing that they might buy your offers.

The best type clients who convert are buyers. And the way to get them into your funnel is for them to find you, trust you and knowingly put their details into your marketing and sales funnel.

How would you like to get 10, 20, 50 or more of these hot leads every week?

I Want To Start Getting High Converting Leads Now

How To Get More Clients Who Convert

Get clients like Julian who was able to improve the online visibility of his medical device Shopify store to add $47,762 in sales in 6 weeks. He took his website from 1500 unique viewers to 10,000 unique viewers per month in targeted traffic in a matter of 8 weeks. Or like Jay, whose webpage went from 0 to ranking on Google’s first page and top position in 3 months. Imaging the kind of leads coming through to his funnels!

What’s Included in Clients Who Convert?

Businesses need content to build trust, build connection with the right audience, and attract high quality leads. With the Clients Who Convert system, it takes 3 simple steps to have your business, and your products featured in hundreds of websites and platforms around the world.

STEP 1: Have Your Own Content Team For Content Creation and Content Repurposing

Our content team will take your content idea, and from that one idea produce highly optimized articles, blogs, videos, infographics, Slideshare presentations, audio ads, and more. It is all designed to get in front of your ideal customer and give them content to consume, get familiar with you, and explore your website and funnels.

STEP 2: Access Your Monthly Content Distribution Service

Through our unique distribution network, you will have access to 280+ million people. Google will tailor your campaigns to people interested in your products and services. You can access this service once, twice, or more times every month, depending on your marketing goals.

STEP 3: How To Get More Clients From 6 Different Mediums?

Forget struggling with what to post and where. Get more clients from multiple channels like Apple podcasts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn, and more! Our distribution team will repurpose your content to get you explore through 6 mediums and drive targeted buyer-traffic to you.

STEP 4: Send Out Press Releases To Powerful News Sites On Autopilot

Your Done-For-You marketing team will send out press releases to a number of digital and physical publications on your behalf. This could get you featured on NBC affiliate websites, Fox affiliate websites, Google approved sites and other exclusive news sites.

BONUS: Content Planning Team

Our strategy team will work with you to produce a 12-month customized content plan to set goals and directions.

Our strategy team will also meet with you monthly for reporting, insights and enhancing your content strategy to give you better results.

Who Can Get More Clients Who Convert?

  • Service based businesses, health and wellness services, professional services (dentists, therapists, bridal services, etc), business services
  • Coaches, Experts, Authors, Speakers, Healers
  • Digital product sellers or course creators
  • Entrepreneurs running a business as a side hustle
  • Network marketers
  • Real Estate, Insurance, and finance experts
    E-commerce or product based brands

What Can Clients Who Convert Do For You?

Gain Visibility

The mass exposure across various channels and multiple mediums ensures that you are seen by your target market, over and over again. Since you are seen online, on social media and across news channels, there is a high probability for your business to be seen by your ideal prospects.

Boost Credibility and Build Trust

Beyond growing your visibility to your target audience, the system is set to get you published in reputable mediums and publications to boost credibility, which is turn grows audience trust.

Drive High Quality Traffic To Your Website/ Attract High Quality Leads

How to get more clients who convert? Attract buyers instead of people looking for freebies. You can attract these high quality leads when you are organically found on top positions on the first page of Google. The system will allow you to do that for strategic search terms.

Pre-Sell Before Someone Jumps Into Your Funnel

Nine out of 10 read reviews before making a purchase (Trustpilot, 2020). People will check out your business and service before they decide to work with you. Having high value content across channels pre-sells your customer to your products and service even before they decide to test your marketing and sales funnels.

Be Found Over The Noise And Over Your Competitors

Even though there are over 5 billion Internet users online, and the number keeps growing, there is also a lot of noise and competition online and on social media. Clients Who Convert, you get to strategically cut through that noise and be found over your competitors, consistently.

Save Time & Money

How much time are you spending on social media, networking, and trying to build your community? Entrepreneurs spend way too much time trying to market or waste a lot of money in paid ads without a high-converting strategy. With this done-for-you system, lead generation is easy, and you save a ton of time, and your paid ads convert better, and faster!