Marketing Course That Is 100% More Effective Than Lead Generation Services

Look, we have to be honest with you. There are thousands of marketing courses available online. There are also hundreds of lead generation services that charge you a fortune to bring you leads (Facebook ad campaigns, solo ads, leads on LinkedIn…you name it.)

Two things you need to know:

  • Most marketing courses sell you information or tactics only (not implementation and results)
  • Most lead generation services overcharge you.

We are not interested in either of those two things

This marketing course is for entrepreneurs who want stable, consistent, massive growth, even if the market gets tougher. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, the coming few months, and the year ahead is a MASSIVE opportunity for you (we will share WHY below), provided you have a strong marketing foundation.

The Choice Point Has Arrived

If you are someone who provides a professional service, if you are a coach, consultant, healer, if you are a course creator, home business owner, or a small business owner, the next few months to a year is going to present the BIGGEST opportunities and the toughest challenges.

Take a moment to explore both sides of the situation.


  • People are already moving into a recession-mindset as inflation rises disproportionately to salaries and revenues for business owners (or people are careful about where they spend their money)
  • Less and less people will spend on things that are not acute, urgent, highly desirable or things that address their basic needs
  • People are generally pessimistic about the global economy
  • The geopolitical volatility does not help matters!!

But wait, what does this mean to you as you
move into the next few months?

The simplest way we can explain it is by sharing a small piece of insight from a recent survey that was conducted by one of our mentors. In it, the #1 reason clients are spending less or not spending at all on courses, services, and coaching offers at this time is because they feel the pressure of a recession. They want to protect their money. They want to only spend on essential things. And some are challenged when it comes to their finances.


For those who have eyes to see, this is also an opportunity to lead. Here are some hard facts:

  • According to Statista, the online education market is going to grow from $146.9 billion in 2022 to $238.4 billion by 2027
  • According to The Business Research Company’s professional services industry report, the global professional services market size is expected to grow from $5.03 trillion in 2020 to $7.06 trillion in 2025
  • People are still buying and searching for what they want online. According to WPForms, Google averages 40,000 searches every second, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide per year.

You choose: Right now, more than ever before, if you are in a business, or even a side hustle, you are faced with a choice.

  • Get caught and swept away with the challenges of the time, keep fighting to keep your head up above the water, have your business slow down…OR
  • Step back, build a strong foundation, get your business and marketing systems right (following what the top entrepreneurs are doing), and take ADVANTAGE of this opportunity!



This is the exact strategy and system that we use with clients from solopreneurs to multiple 7-figure businesses to bring them hot or qualified leads every day, 365 days of the year. It includes a long term “attraction” strategy coupled with short term (90 day) launches to maximize incoming leads for your business.

Imagine having your own marketing manager but not having to pay a $100,000 for it. The system helps you build your business and marketing foundation for you, manage all your marketing projects and getting your team (even if it is you) working in perfect sync, on time, and focusing solely on revenue generating, time-saving, marketing activities. It helps you set your marketing foundation for growth in 8 weeks!

“I started selling more programs on my website the moment I changed my brand positioning as advised by my Rise Coaches.”

Pratima Nagaraj

Access Consciousness Coach and Author

“Ahana took my sketchy ideas and created a business structure and a plan that would help me grow fast and build my brand.”

Lori Thomas

Amazon Bestselling Author, Spiritual Ecologist
“I was able to create a six-figure business plan, create my signature system and
I’m in the process of launching my own coaching program!”

Janet Chui

Coach for Authors, Editor, Publisher

What is The Rise Marketing System?

In short, the Rise Marketing System is an 8-week group implementation system to help you identify your business and marketing structures that are slowing you down and preventing you from growth, and reorganize it for fast growth and effortless client flow.

Because most entrepreneurs waste time in marketing that is labour-intensive (posting on Facebook Groups, giving out freebies, messaging people) that doesn’t produce the desired and consistent results, marketing seems stressful and inauthentic. Then they try outsourcing work to lead generation services only to be disappointed that they spent the money without the right returns.

Unlike these time-wasting and money-wasting strategies, this system creates a consistent flow of leads to appointments, appointments to clients, and clients to referrers, all year around.

Along with the steady stream of clients, it also shows you how to plan your launches to add a mega boost to your revenues each year (the recipe from moving 5 to 6 to 7 figures)


Aligning your business to growth goals and creating a foundation to scale – this gives you a process of identifying your gaps, choosing the right business model that can manage the market fluctuations, catch the right trends at this time, and help you create a business that is strong, recession proof and abundant.


Understanding audience psychology and what they value most at this time is key to packaging offers that sell. What is the right driving force that can take your potential customers from low-value to high-value offers? How can you serve them at the highest level? Knowing this will open the gateway to higher conversion!


A business plan that will allow you to pay yourself first, pay your team well, bank profits, and fund your marketing to grow your business exponentially. You will know exactly what to launch and when to hire and grow your team, how to get more out of your marketing budget. A simple exercise and excel sheet will help you create this plan in a matter of hours, not days!


From fill-in-the-blanks product creation templates to done-for-you project management boards, from building products, onboarding, customer service, cross-marketing, upsells, affiliation, sales conversion, and survey templates, to VA instruction sheets, remote team management, and operational flows, all in a box, ready for you and your team to use.


You will get support from our team to put together the marketing flow that will set you up to get leads every day, 365 days a year. You get ACCESS to our Marketing Vault with our marketing planners, 5 lead generation strategies and templates, including 30 Partners in 30 Days, Summit and Event Templates, Facebook Ad Checklists, swipe files, and more


Deep Dive Masterminds where we tweak strategies together, and get your projects done. Access to a Community Group where you can ask questions and get support quickly. Tracking posts in the group will keep you on the path and mindset hacks will help you stay motivated, productive and working at your highest potential.

I Want To Get This Done In 8 Weeks Too!


This is a great time as any to share the “WHY” behind this system.

Ahana created this system based on two key experiences in her life.

The first, is her 2 decades of supporting CEOs and founders to grow their businesses. In one of those projects, in 3 years, the company grew from $1.5M to $4.5M using a relatively small marketing budget and consistent content-based marketing strategy to draw in high-value, paying customers. In another project, in 8 months, with the launch of a new website and 3 simple marketing strategies, the company started bringing in over 100 qualified leads per month consistently, converting over 60%.

While most entrepreneurs struggle with the cost and time of marketing, trying out one tactic after another, this system is focused towards consistent and steady growth.

The second reason has to do with the vision and values of Ahana and Daniel with which they have built this business. One of their core values is “prosperity without sacrifice”. Leverage is at the CORE of this system, which means:

  • Process flows and strategy templates for you to think through quickly and efficiently
  • Checklists, and fill-in-the-blank system templates to put your projects together (from content marketing to branding, to social media marketing and lead generation, these templates and systems will help you implement 5 times faster)
  • Project planners with done-for-you plans for various parts of business and marketing processes
  • Swipe files and examples to help you (or your content writer) to write fast and write well
  • Daily method of operation to help you track progress
  • Business plan templates to track revenues, costs, and profits
  • And much more…

The A Steps – The Best Lead Generation Services & Client Attraction Strategies At Your Fingertips

We use 8 A-Steps in the system to help you organise your business and marketing for growth and scale.

Stage 1: AWARE

($500 value)

At this stage, you take a deep dive into what your needs and wants are as a founder vis-a-vis the vision and values of the company. You check in with the growing needs of the business and get clarity on your direction.

Stage 2: ALIGN

($500 value)

At this stage, you find the differentiation with which you can position your business and brand. You also do a deep study of the psychology and needs of your audience with The Audience Map template and create your core marketing statement.

Stage 3: ANCHOR

($1000 value)

This is where you use our spreadsheet template to create a cash-flow-positive business plan. You explore the best business models for you. Finally, you create your START goals and determine what projects would give you the fastest road to results.


($1000 value)

Using the “Income Multiplier” product creation system, you rapidly build your signature system and series of products. You have access at this point to the Resource Vault of charts, diagrams, templates, and swipe files, along with instructions to work with a VA team to get this done in record time.


($1000 value)

Now that you have your products and sales pages being created in the background, you launch into a 30-day challenge to build your authority online around the topic of your launch product. You optimize your website and social channels to reflect your authority and expertise.


($1500 value)

At this stage, you set up automation for both your long-term attraction marketing systems and your short-term launches. We have done-for-you project planners for each part of the process that you can use to create your timelines and allocate team members to it (If you don’t have a team, we will show what parts you can outsource to freelancers)

Stage 7: AMPLIFY

($1000 value)

Now that your marketing systems are in place, we focus on your marketing campaigns. How do you pick your winning lead-generation strategies? We take 2-3 winning strategies and start implementing them, along with planning a 90-day launch plan to maximize your lead generation and client conversion.


($500 value)

Additional 4 weeks of Q&A and support to make sure you (and your team) is tracking progress, implementing on time and getting into a consistent flow. You are into your 90-day launch plan starting to build up leads and sales to match the targets in your cash-flow-positive business plan.


Is that it? Of course, not. That was just the core offering.

If you are thinking of going all in, there are some incredible bonuses for you!

BONUS 1: 30 Partners In 30 Days ($500 Value)

Training, templates and tracking sheets on how to get 30 affiliate partners in 30 days and have them promote your products and offers. The kit includes email swipes, 10 different ways you can approach and collaborate with your potential partners.

BONUS 2: Annual Plan Workshop ($1000 value)


How do you create an annual marketing campaign plan that will give you a steady stream of clients, along with the breaks (1-2 months minimum each year) you need for your personal plans and travel? How do you create a freedom business while implementing all your marketing campaigns on time? This workshop comes with your calendar and planner and is done with you as part of your annual growth plan.

BONUS 3: Content Day (Half Day) ($500 value)


Anxious about how to get your content planned and done for the 30-day authority challenge and the launch of your signature products. We will run a content day (which comes as part of our “Marketing Done-For-You” services. In this 4-hour accountability workshop, we will spend time filling your content calendar and together start creating content for the next 30 days.

Pay-In-Full Content Distribution Service ($1200 value)


For pay-in-full clients, we will include one round of content writing and distributing that content to 200+ outlets. Your single piece of content will be repurposed into audio/podcast, video, Slideshare, article, and press release and sent out to a variety of digital and TV publications. This will help build trust and bring traffic back to the launch of your signature product/service.

Pay-In-Full One-On-One Strategy Review ($1000 value)


In a 90-minute deep dive, spend one-on-one time with Ahana to go through the strategy for the growth of your business, review all your market strategies and flow, and how to maximise the resources you have to hit your goals for your business. This is a rare opportunity to have her and the team draw up the strategy with you.


 Lifetime access to the program!