Looking For A Life Coach That Can Get You Breakthroughs & Results?


People spend a lot of time wondering how to breakthrough money blocks, burst through their own financial ceiling to create more income and investments that give higher returns, smash through roadblocks that hold back opportunities (like getting a flood of clients), create rapid results and growth in their lives, careers, and business.

Rise Coaching is a program run by Ahana and her team and we are now enrolling self-leaders who want to take their lives, and their careers/businesses towards freedom, financially and holistically – they are tired of waiting and want RESULTS now!

This 8-week results coaching mastermind will help clear major blocks quickly, shift thought patterns rapidly, and create impactful decisions that will change your inner and outer reality completely.

This is life coaching (and business coaching) on steroids!

What if you could have the best life coaching and breakthroughs without stress, overwhelm, pain, or struggle?

Over the last 10 years, I have helped entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and start-ups clarify their message, set target goals, become aware of where their best opportunities are at this time, craft a roadmap, shift their marketing strategies, build an actionable plan and gear them for life-changing growth in their business.

I invite you to explore the Rapid Results Coaching Model – the fastest way to move from challenge to fulfilment.

The fastest way to move from being a struggling entrepreneur (or side hustler) to being a leader in your industry, earning incredibly well, and living your best life. It takes more than strategy to get these results!

The quickest way of letting go of stressful situations and difficult relationship challenges and moving into a space of choices, peace, and freedom.


You are a coach, service provider, course creator, network marketer, speaker, author, consultant or someone who wants to create a side hustle to grow their income and invest in their future. 

Here you are:

  • Working hard (have been for months, or years) without getting the exact results you want
  • Wanting to move to the next level in life, get a promotion, but it escapes you
  • You may have had good months where the money came in and then you had months where the money ran out – what would bring you consistency and reliability?
  • Your costs are catching up to you and you feel frustrated about not having an easy way out
  • You have big dreams but trying to grow your career and business is overwhelming
  • You feel highs and lows and you wish you were more motivated, more charged up and more creative
  • You doubt your own ability to create success for yourself, your work/business and your family
  • You are time-poor and often feel tired and drained out
  • You see others around you move through situations quickly and create their success but you feel stuck
  • You have worked with a business coach and life coach before but you have lost faith in the process – you doubt the process
  • All you want is FREEDOM from the struggles – to have your space, time and momentum to get your life back on track!!


  • Find instant clarity on the blocks that are stopping you from getting the life you want
  • Quickly identify what is out of alignment that is stopping you from manifesting results
  • Find the gaps you have in your financial, money, and growth strategy through a deep dive exercise that your life coach will take you through and track with you within 48 hours
  • Find the low-hanging opportunities that are in front of you but might have escaped your notice – start getting small results almost immediately!
  • Explore the gaps in your values and perception that may be part of your past experience that is causing you pain, frustration, anger and struggle. Exploring this gap will open them to be resolved, once and for all.
  • Set goals in a way that you can achieve them – START goals are used with our rapid results system to give you consistent and exponential success
  • Clear deep limiting patterns that might be disrupting the process of creating success habits
  • Create your custom short processes that you can use to self-coach when you don’t have your life coaching team around
  • Set focus on 1 IMMEDIATE GOAL that you can break through in 8 weeks – doing this once will give you the confidence that you can do it again, for another block, and another one after that…


You should be.

Because this is the game changer you have been waiting for. No excuses, only results.



This is the exact system we have used to work with entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey, founders, executives, managers, home business owners, coaches, and individuals who have the desire to get unstuck and move forward towards their success.

This system has generated massive shifts and breakthroughs in a matter of days and allowed these individuals to take the right decision, and right opportunities and move very quickly to achieve their desired results.

“I have deep respect for Ahana and highly recommend her to any business, organisation or persons wqishing to transcend their limited state and beliefs system, and to go/grow beyond their personal or organisational boundaries.”

Sarah Amin

Yoga Teacher, Coach

“Ahana guided me through social selling, list building and my first speaker event online. I wouldn’t have got close to where I am in such a short amount of time. ”

Rebecca Christine

Writer, Blogger, Podcaster

What is the RISE RAPID RESULTS System?

Shift Your Programming

6 Video Training Modules that give you a step-by-step understanding of how your mind works, why you are experiencing blocks, how to become aware of these blocks and switch your gear to achieving success

The Breakthrough Session

6 LIVE Breakthrough mastermind sessions where you work with your Life Coach and your group to go through simple exercises that facilitate a breakthrough. These are great opportunities to share questions with the group and get the support you need.

Direct Access To Your Life Coach

4 one-on-one coaching sessions with Ahana and her team to plan and achieve your results, go through processes that help you have rapid transformation and lift your game.

The Rapid Results Templates

Templates, worksheets and simple daily exercises will help you stay focused on your goals, and achieve your results.

The Accountability

Access to our Rapid Results Facebook where we have accountability posts and trigger videos to keep you motivated, inspired and accountable through the entire process. It is a great place to reach out to the team for extra support.

The Plan

Your life coach will take you through a START goals plan customised to the results you want to achieve. This plan will not only help you stay on track during the 8-week time frame, but it will support you to stay focused on your success after the program is completed.


WAIT…There are a few extra Bonuses too!

What would life coaching be without priming your mind and creating daily rituals? Here are some additional bonuses that will give you extra support to get EXACTLY the results you want.

Bonus 1: The Autosuggestion Mini Training (Worth $197)

In this mini training (and worksheets for you to use), we will show you the power of autosuggestion. You will get:

  • A video training on why use autosuggestion
  • How to create the life script that can help you prime your brain
  • Worksheets to write out your life script
  • Tracker on using it in your daily ritual

Bonus 2: 30-Day Additional Accountability ($888)

You will get:

  • 2 extra group coaching sessions
  • Additional 30-day accountability with your life coach to make sure you are following your plan after the program has been completed. We will be checking in with you to monitor your progress.
  • We will also give you a ROADMAP session (60 minutes) with one of our trainers to set your 12-month plan

Bonus 3: 10-Minute Meditation Bundle ($333)


  • Short under-10 minute processes that you can use for alignment and quieting the mind
  • 60 audio prompts that you can use to stay in high vibration through the process
  • Brain entrainment program for abundance from our partner